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Security Port
In May 2002, Float Inc. proposed a port security strategy titled "Beyond the Horizon" and published a white paper which was distributed to most of the agencies that are involved in homeland security. Although the Department of Homeland Security was not yet established, the idea received much favourable response.
Illustration by Mark McDaniel/LLNL
Future U.S. ports could be located in the ocean, 20 to 40 miles from shore, under the proposed Portunus project. The off-shore port concept would allow cargo to be inspected far away from cities as one way to increase homeland security.
Float Inc. concept for a system of Offshore Security Ports has been adopted by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as the leading means to frustrate terrorist attack on the CONUS via maritime traffic. Each offshore floating Security Port will facilitate the complete automated inspection of every cargo container offloaded from trans-oceanic carriers before they are transferred to coastwise shipping or local seaport delivery. The starting point for the Security Port design is a PSP some 8000 feet (2.4 km) in span providing 36,000 feet of protected, calm water dockage segregated equally between arriving and departing shipping.
Inspection is applied between the two zones in their connecting surface transport. In addition to operational efficiency benefits, the Security Port is to be largely selfpowered by "Rho-Cee" wave energy converters and wind turbines arrayed along its windward faces.
Read more: https://newsline.llnl.gov/_rev02/articles/2010/jul/07.02.10-ports.php
Download: Implementing the Beyond The Horizon Strategy
We are engaging in the preliminary engineering development of an Offshore Security Port concept in support of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's "Portunus" project.  
Conceptual design, costing and performance modelling and testing of offshore floating platform systems based on the Pneumatically Stabilized Platform (PSP)  
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