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WindSpeed Concept for a system of Offshore Security Ports by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Float Inc.

Security Port
WindSpeed Offshore Energy Platform. Wave and Wind Together

Waves and Wind
WindSpeed "Rho-Cee" has been tested at the Ohmsett facility of the Minerals Management Service, U. S. Dept. of the Interior. December 2009.

Waves and Wind
WindSpeed Offshore Energy Platform combining Wave and Wind harvesting facilities will be economically advantageous

Waves and Wind
WindSpeed "Rho-Cee", "The Impedance - Matched Terminator" OWC Wave Energy Converter

Waves and Wind
WindSpeed FloatPort
The Floating Airport and Mega Shipping Port concept for San Diego

Floating Airport
WindSpeed Floating LNG terminal

LNG terminal
WindSpeed Offshore Floating Marina Islands

WindSpeed The Pneumatically Stabilized Platform or PSP

PSP Technology
We are engaging in the preliminary engineering development of an Offshore Security Port concept in support of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's "Portunus" project.  
Conceptual design, costing and performance modelling and testing of offshore floating platform systems based on the Pneumatically Stabilized Platform (PSP)  
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