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Welcome to Float Inc.
Float Incorporated has designed and patented the following technologies that will allow man to live on, play on and farm the Oceans as well as power homes and industries ashore.
- A very large reinforced concrete floating platform.
- Modularly constructed and moored offshore.
- With superior motion stability and load capacity in challenging sea-state environments.
- Effective floating breakwater with leeward calm water vessel berthing zone.
- Impedance-Matching, Oscillating Water Column (IM-OWC) system.
- Intended to be solidly supported by a PSP.
- Constructed in reinforced concrete.
- All equipment in air; none in water. Accessible for maintenance by personnel on foot.
- It may be combined with large offshore wind turbines and submerged ocean current turbines.
- That, with the PSP, can provide highly effective floating breakwater with leeward calm water
vessel berthing zone.
- Avoids the principle objection to renewable energy sources, Intermittency.
- It is uniquely capable of storing substantial amounts of renewable energy as
compressed air within the supporting PSP structure.
- No additional equipment need be supplied to exploit the PSP's energy storage capability - The PES
System uses the air handling equipment, ducting and valving of the PSP's variable air
buoyancy system.
We are engaging in the preliminary engineering development of an Offshore Security Port concept in support of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's "Portunus" project.  
Conceptual design, costing and performance modelling and testing of offshore floating platform systems based on the Pneumatically Stabilized Platform (PSP)  
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