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About Us
Float Incorporated is a corporation providing services that include research, design and development of marine oriented products and specializes in very large floating platforms.
Its principle products are the Pneumatically Stabilized Platform (PSP), a practical and cost effective floating motion-stable foundation for a multitude of applications, the "Rho-Cee", a deep water wave energy converter (WEC) that promises an unprecedented "wave-to-wire" efficiency with low maintenance and long life in the delivery of energy, and the recently patent-applied-for Offshore Ocean Energy System that combines the "Rho-Cee" WEC with wind turbines, current turbines and a large capacity energy storage capability all integrated with a supporting PSP.
Float's immediate objective is to make known to the world, as expeditiously as possible, the availability of these technologies and the understanding of how to implement and use them properly.
  • Neal A. Brown, President, CTO
  • Susie B. Bryant, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Franklin E. Martin, Vice President European Operations
Our Associates
Float Incorporated recognizes that strategic alliances with other companies are mandatory for the quantity and size of the projects that are likely to be generated by its technologies to properly expedite them in a timely manner.
Currently the company has cooperative agreements with the following:
  • Berger/ABAM, an international civil engineering firm with substantial worldwide experience in designing ports

  • Waller Marine Inc., a naval architect firm with substantial experience in the design of power barges and ships

We are also associated with the followings on specific projects:
  • Applied Technology Corporation, an international structural engineering firm specializing in concrete structures in marine environments

  • SeaBridge USA, a company developing coastwise trade in high speed RORO vessels that will reduce highway truck traffic

  • OCEES International, a Hawaii company specializing in OTEC power projects

  • Hubbs Sea World, for offshore aquaculture support platforms

  • OHMSETT - The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
We are engaging in the preliminary engineering development of an Offshore Security Port concept in support of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's "Portunus" project.  
Conceptual design, costing and performance modelling and testing of offshore floating platform systems based on the Pneumatically Stabilized Platform (PSP)  
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